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Hair Loss, Rarefaction, Dandruff, Oiliness, Dry-skin (xeroderma) and Itching????? There is only one solution: CAPILARINE…

The French program consisting of a shampoo, lotion and 10 ampoules that has helped millions of people to save their hair. Their lives have changed. They cannot believe their eyes.














One lotion, one Shampoo, 10 ampoules and one hair Spray rich in active vegetative ingredients give flare and volume on a daily basis, with no oiliness, dandruff or hair loss.

On the very first month you will experience a gradual stop of hair-loss. Your hair will become voluminous, free from oiliness, itchiness and dry skin (xeroderma) and, should there be any living follicles, you shall witness the creation of new hair.

The product has justifiably been awarded with two international awards and has been proclaimed internationally as a miracle in cosmetics. The international press has written many articles about it.

Its active vegetative ingredients suspend the action of enzyme 5A reductase, responsible for hair-loss.

Its active vegetative ingredients vitalize and invigorate hair follicles, assist in the accurate and rapid growing of the hair, diminishing the rate of hair-loss.

And what is more important: where there is living follicle, you will witness the birth of new hair.

The whole program lasts for 3 months and can be yours at the amazing prize seen on the screen.

The whole 3 month program can be purchased at the incredible price of €77, 93 only.

Your hair will shine, will become vigorous and voluminous. You will gain your charm and confidence back. You won’t believe in your eyes.

You will experience similar results to those witnessed by hundreds of other people during the first term of CAPILARINE treatment. People who had started to go bald, managed to avert it and have saved their hair. Servicemen wearing caps or helmets. People that have undergone pharmaceutical treatment or suffering from hereditary alopecia. Ladies in menopause or suffering from hormone disorders. People having hair loss problems as a result of poor diet and lack of vitamins. Students suffering from anxiety and stress. Older folks. All these have won their self-confidence back.

Because it is never too late!

And we shall not stop here.

Other cases needed 6 months or even more, depending on the body.

After 122 days of treatment, a 65% decrease in the rate of hair-loss was observed, while, after 5 months, the rate of growth of new hair raised by 27%.

Statistical surveys show that Capilarine is the best product around the world.

It is produced by the famous Naturveda Institute, has won 2 international awards and has succeeded where everybody else has failed: to stop hair-loss.

Don’t torture your hair with various other methods; The Capilarine Program is the best and best-selling product in the world.

So, don’t hesitate!!! Trust Capilarine’s results, call us now and get strong living hair, with volume and flare. Call now



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How capilarine works.










How capilarine works.